Trạm lập trình RFID

Trạm lập trình RFID

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The Sapphire Staff station series is designed for converting, programming and identifying library labels in books, magazines etc.

Seamless integration of technologies

The Sapphire RFID Staff station is a fast en efficient solution to write or read HF tags by (re)setting the EAS or AFI bit .

The Sapphire RFID (HF) Staff station can operate as stand-alone or in host mode.

Design and functionality

The ergonomic design, the use of sustainable materials and the capacitive touch panel guarantee perfect use of this unit. By using LIS (LED Information Service) the unit gives detailed status information to the user about the status of the working process.

The workpad distinguishes 3 color modes:

  • BLUE:                   in operation
  • GREEN:                access granted
  • RED:                     access not granted


Sapphire Staff stations are standard supplied in a beige/grey color. Other colors are available on request.


  • Height: 112 mm
  • Width : 544 mm
  • Depth : 358 mm

Material: Stainless steel, PS, high-impact composite

Weight: 12 kg

Functions: RFID (HF) Set / Reset EAS bit of AFI: Check-in / check-out

Stand alone / host control mode
USB interface for communication with the library circulation software (LMS)

Check-in / check-out materials:  Books / Magazines / Media

Standard:   ISO 15.693 / 18.000-3.1 / ISO 28560
Certifications:   CE / EMC

Item identification:  RFID (HF) reader (HF tags)

Optional software:  Special integrated software for conversion

Unit: 12 V DC 2A
Power adapter:
100 – 240V, 0,55-0,3 A
60 / 50 Hz
Environmental facts:  Temperature: + 10ºC < > 45ºC

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