Tem RFID cho sách

Tem RFID cho sách

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RFID tags for more productivity

Libraries can enhance their productivity, by identifying, registering, securing and searching all their media with our special designed RFID labels that are equipped with the ICODE SLIX2 IC (ISO 15693). The library can benefit from top quality tags with longer read ranges, to perform a lifetime on their media.

RFID labels are a very important part of the solution and without knowledge and understanding of this, the wrong choice can really ruin your total investment.

Dialoc ID RFID book labels are made with an optimal designed aluminum antenna for best performance in the gates, pre-tuned to be used inside and on top of books.

The attached ICODE SLIX2 IC (ISO 15693) chip is the best suitable and widely available in the world, and guarantees long life. The data retention (=ability to hold stored data) of the chip is considered to be one of the best.

The label top is made of special material for optimal hygroscopic properties, so that moist will not get in the tag and destroy your read range.

Dialoc ID HF book labels are optionally available with printed logos, in monochrome or full color. Moreover, tags can be preprinted with barcodes and the chip can be encoded with data. We have advanced software to process and program that data. Get informed about the possibilities and ask our staff how we can be of service to you.

Label specifications:

ISO 15693, ISO 18 000-3 Mode-1


Antenna size:  45 x 76 mm          45 x 45 mm
Label size    :   50 x 80 mm          50 x 50 mm

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